About CMC fund


CMC Fund is an investment fund, established by CMC Corporation in 2009. The aim is to look for opportunities to invest in the potential companies and teams with distinct products or services which are in accordance with the development strategies of CMC Corporation. We reserve more than $20 million to invest in M&A and a part of it for Venture Capital (VC).

Distinguished from other investment funds’ model, CMC Fund wants to bring to its partners not only financial resources but also other true values in order to enhance it’s partners’ values, creating the sustainable development, those values are:


Investment Field Focuses
  • Information Technologies (System Integration, Software services, Devices Manufacturing, Trading Services …)
  • Telecom infrastructure and services (including digital content services)
  • eBusiness – dotcom (online payment, eCommerce, mCommerce) – particularly prioritizing the form of investment as Venture Capital.
M&A Investment Candidates
  • Companies that are operating in any business fields that are in accordance with CMC’s development strategies, especially the companies that have the ability to synergize with CMC’s current businesses.
  • CMC Corporation can govern development strategies of funded companies via shareholding or bindings in Board of Directors.
  • Companies that have stable history of development in profit, human resource and other key aspects.