CMC Scopes

Technology Corporation (CMC) warmly welcome candidates who want to CMC by the talent, intelligence, ethics and passion for the job. CMC desire to seek candidates with experience working to assume the title of professionals, management and administration. We facilitate each person has the opportunity to turn knowledge, their previous experience of consciousness, specific actions to contribute to the development of the CMC. We always support staff planning and personal development to help people just professional development, has achieved his personal goals.

CMC always respected the human factor. Human resources are the foundation of success for businesses, whether small, medium or multinational. CMC Group has always defined "Companies today are successful or not by the qualities and qualifications, and engagement of employees for the company". Therefore, CMC cares and aims to build a team of management staff and professional staff, stick with the company, harmonious combination between experience and knowledge, has the will and solidarity to reach the target altitude.

Besides, we are adopting policies to attract talent with a good working environment, openness and the reasonable remuneration to find suitable staff for each position in the company. The work environment at CMC is considered one of the most perfect environment today. With a network of offices class A buildings, providing a modern working environment, and a fully equipped open space. People CMC always enthusiastic, friendly and open.

We fully agree philosophy: "Best HR strategy is to recruit, train and pay salaries to people so that they can create the best future strategy."

Joining CMC's ability to assert themselves, to build a solid career.