For candidates

Recruitment Process at CMC
  • Candidates interested in applying to register by sending a resume to the email address or directly to the hiring department of CMC..

  • End of the notice period, the Human Resources Department will conduct preliminary records, only the records meet the requirements were included in the list of participating round interview or written test.

  • Candidates having passed the written exam will continue to participate in the interview directly.
    End of round 03 on, the qualified candidates will be notified of admission and was recruited to work at CMC in the shortest time.

CMC Environment

With the motto "People are core elements make up the success of the enterprise", we look forward to a modern working environment and professional, which truly honor the talent and human values . CMC constantly building a work environment:

  • Open communication and respect;
  • The work challenges and creativity;
  • Income and fair competition;
  • Study Opportunities / promotion clearly and unlimited;
  • Performance is evaluated objectively and science;
  • Job stability and are cared for;
  • Zone office facilities, modern, professional.
CMC Policy 
  • Mode income and reward employees CMC associated with business performance and quality completion of each individual task.
  • Each year, employees are evaluated through performance work system evaluation work. The goals and objectives of the professional development of each individual was registered from the beginning of the period will be discussed with managers directly based on scientific criteria were uniform throughout the system.
  • In addition to assessing the performance has been achieved, it is also an opportunity to recognize the points for improvement and modification, as well as building the business goals and development for the next period.
  • Also enjoy 13 months of annual salary, the CMC employees are entitled to salary and performance bonus done as well as bonuses for individual units of the Year.
  • Your total income commensurate with your abilities, level of personal dedication and collective, and certainly always reflect the breath of human resources market competitive today.
Training and development
  • Training and Human Development is one of the priority objectives of the CMC. Based on a survey of training needs assessment, training programs and the development is built with an annual budget for training is increasing.
  • In addition to internal training programs, staff and CMC staff also regularly attend training courses by the training center reputed make. Finish each program momentum created, students are completing certification training programs, and it is also one of tokens basis for evaluating the work to continuously improve the level and professional expertise officers, employees CMC.
  • Furthermore, those with limited capacity who choose to attend training courses abroad through cooperation programs and development. From the training and self-training, training, mentoring and challenges, the staff of the whole system will CMC professional expertise, professional style and standards of ethics, enthusiasm customer service, not the good performance of assigned tasks, but also be prepared to undertake the work in the higher position.