Vision and Mission

CMC Corporation constantly strives to become the region’s leading ICT company by means of continuous creativity and innovation in research, application of high-tech solutions and principle of always heading towards the professionalism and perfection in products and services, in order to make Vietnam become a powerful nation on IT.


CMC commits to bring satisfaction to customers, profits to shareholders and both physical and mental well-being to all officers and employees.

Strategic orientation

  • CMC always focuses on its business activities in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunication including System integration Service, Software (for domestic market and export), Trading, Manufacturing Equipments, Telecom and Internet Services.
  • Building and developing professional IT services, i.e. consulting & deployment services, providing IT total solutions and software services. IT Professional services with high added value will account for a increasing proportion.
  • Developing businesses of commerce and manufacturing equipments (computers, phones, other terminals).
  • Sharply invest in infrastructure, telecom services in enterprise segments, niche markets and strive to expand the market.
  • Researching and selecting relevant e-business areas to invest and develop with priority given to enterprise serving sectors.
  • Strengthening management capabilities; improving core competencies such as quality of human resources, quality control process, particularly research and development capabilities; improving productivity while reducing costs.
  • Investing in technical infrastructure as the foundation for the development of professional and large-scale services.
  • Rapidly expanding company through investments, M & A activities to leverage, especially telecom and digital content service markets.
  • Expanding and developing international business in ITO and BPO.