CEO of CMC Telecom - Ngo Trong Hieu: “We will provide our customers with 5-star standard service”


Mr. Ngo Trong Hieu, CEO of CMC Telecom said that, in the past 10 years, CMC Telecom has built 5-star service quality, people and infrastructure, but the most important star is the customers who trust to use the service when the company size is still very small.


Leaders of CMC Corporation and CMC Telecom thank customers for using services of CMC Telecom.

On January 14th, 2018, CMC Telecom held a Thanks Party with the theme of “Stars of Excellence”. The 2018 Thanks Party program was attended by more than 500 customers from businesses and organizations in the sectors of Finance - Banking, Telecommunications, Education, E-Commerce, service chain businesses, international organizations, etc. in Hanoi.

2018 marked an important development milestone of CMC Telecom because it’s the company’s 10th founding anniversary. CMC Telecom wants to bring customers the highest quality service according to 5-star international standards, which is equivalent to 5 factors: people, service, technology, partner and, the most important one- customer .

From a young internet operator, after only 10 years, CMC Telecom has made efforts to contribute to the development of the Telecommunications and Internet of the country. CMC Telecom is honored by Vietnam Internet Association and ICT Vietnam Press Club as one of the 5 service providers that have the most influence on Vietnam Internet in the past decade (2007 - 2017).  To serve customers according to the highest international standards - 5-star standard, CMC Telecom has built a strong infrastructure. Backbone network of CMC Telecom is directly connected to Asia backbone network, making Vietnam a HUB connecting point from Asia to the world.

In order to do that, infrastructure of CMC Telecom also fully complies with international standards. In 2018, CMC Telecom – with its internet backbone - is one of the first three internet operators in the world to achieve the standard connection certificate - MEF 3.0. This is an important certificate for CMC Telecom to be able to connect on par with the world's leading internet operators.  Data Center of CMC Telecom is now the first DC in Vietnam to have PCI DSS payment security certificate. In CMC Telecom's team, there are experts obtaining the world's highest certificate in Data Center operation and management.

With all these preparations, in 2018, CMC Telecom continuously received important international awards: Top 25 Asia Pacific leading provider of management service voted by CIO Outlook (USA), best provider of telecommunications service of Vietnam awarded by International Finance (UK) and Cloud service researched and developed by CMC Telecom is also honored as the best Cloud service in Vietnam.

Those efforts of CMC Telecom are all aimed at serving customers with international standards and World Class standards. In the service industry, 5-star standard is the highest standard of service, therefore, in the Thanks Party, CMC Telecom chose the theme of “Star of Excellence” to pay tribute to customers who always support CMC Telecom to become more and more perfect in order to serve customers with the highest standards.


Mr. Ngo Trong Hieu, CEO of CMC Telecom said that starting from 2019, in  the next 10 years, CMC Telecom is not only aiming at building infrastructure, providing 5-star people and services, accompanying with 5-star partners, but also hoping to always be a reliable partner of customers.

Mr. Ngo Trong Hieu, CEO of CMC Telecom said: “CMC Telecom was born in 2008, when the market no longer has many chances for small companies. At that time, CMC Telecom determined that there was only one way which is aiming at customers. In the past 10 years, CMC Telecom has made efforts to build 5-star quality, standard people, infrastructure and technology. In fact, in the past 10 years, we have been learning, working, collaborating with customers, and I have to thank those 5th stars who are customers of CMC Telecom from multinational corporations like Samsung or other big domestic companies like MobiFone, banks, finance companies, etc... who trusted CMC Telecom 10 years ago when we were still extremely small. It is the customers who have created condition for a small service provider to grow hundreds of times bigger as today.”

Mr. Ngo Trong Hieu said: “Starting from 2019, in the next 10 years, CMC Telecom is not only aiming at building infrastructure, providing 5-star people and services, accompanying with 5-star partners, but also hoping to always be a reliable partner of customers. We will build a 5-star ecosystem to work with our customers to build Telecommunication - Information Technology system of Vietnam across all sectors such as Finance - Banking, Insurance, E-Commerce, and Education, etc.”

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CMC Corporation launched "CMC-AI Contest" for students in the Northern area.

On December 28th, 2018 at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, CMC Technology organized the seminar of “Industrial Revolution 4.0: Opportunities and challenges for electronics & ITC industry”. Also in the seminar, CMC Corporation launched the CMC-AI Contest for students/Ph.D. students of Northern universities/research institutes.


CMC Corporation signs comprehensive cooperation agreement with the Government Cipher Committee

On December 24th, 2018 at CMC building, the signing ceremony of comprehensive cooperation agreement between CMC Technology and Government Cipher Committee was held. The objective of the agreement is to promote research cooperation in the field of information technology application and network security based on the strengths of CMC Corporation and  Government Cipher Committee.


CMC Corporation granted PCI DSS certificate to Viet Capital Bank

On December 18th, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, CMC Corporation held a ceremony to grant international certificate of payment card data security - PCI DSS to Viet Capital Bank. This certificate is granted  by CMC Information Security Joint Stock Company (CMC Infosec) in accordance with the world standard of Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council (PCI SSC), the whole project was consulted and supported by CMC Saigon System Integration Company Limited (CMC SISG).


Cloud ecosystem of CMC Telecom draws attention at Internet Day 2018

Joining Internet Day 2018 with the message "Best Cloud Service Provider in Vietnam", CMC Telecom introduced two products: Elastic Compute and Elastic GPU which are researched and developed by the company's staff. With that message, CMC Telecom's booth was designed as a stylized cloud and situated at the most noticeable position of the exhibition area.


CMC Infosec won VNISA's prize of Excellent New Information Security Product 2018 for CMC SOC

On the morning of November 30th, 2018, Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) held an international conference-exhibition for Vietnam Information Security Day 2018. At the event, VNISA announced and awarded the titles voted for information security products and services of 2018. CMC Information Security JSC (CMC Infosec) received all three awards: Information Security Product of High Quality, Prominent Information Security Service, and Excellent New Information Security Product 2018.