CMC Telecom – Best enterprise telecom service company in Vietnam 2017


VietNamNet Bridge – On 26/1/2018, CMC Telecom was selected by International Finance Magazine – the prestigious British magazine in the field of finance and banking – as the best enterprise telecom service company in Vietnam 2017.

Situated in the category of Telecommunications (Telecom Awards),  CMC Telecom  was voted Supplier Services Telecommunications Business best Vietnam for contributions, superior service for business finance restaurant, insurance, e-commerce in Vietnam. This is an annual poll from leading financial magazine in the world – International Finance, with the participation of more than 185 countries worldwide.

International Finance will hold annual analysis, evaluation and award 8 categories Finance, Real Estate, Technology, Brokers, Leader, Insurance, Utilities and Telecommunications Infrastructure. In Vietnam, the 2017 Telecommunications Award starring winners of VNPT, Viettel and CMC Telecom.


Mr. Azhar Bin Adnan (right) – CMC Telecom Marketing Director and Mr Pham Nguyen (left) – Deputy Director of CMC Telecom Northern Branch receives the Best Telecom Service Provider for Enterprises in Vietnam 2017 from the International Finance Magazine Awards.

In the category of Telecom Awards, CMC Telecom was selected as the best Telecom Service Provider for Businesses in Vietnam for its outstanding contributions and services to financial, banking, insurance, and e-commerce firms in Vietnam. This is an annual poll from the world’s leading financial magazine – International Finance – with the participation of enterprises from more than 185 countries worldwide.

International Finance annually analyzes, assesses and awards the top firms in the eight categories of Finance, Real Estate, Technology, Leadership, Insurance, Infrastructure and Telecommunication. In Vietnam, the winners of the 2017 Telecoms Awards include VNPT, Viettel and CMC Telecom.

CMC Telecom is one of the leading internet services providers in the Vietnamese market, with products and services focusing on corporate customers. CMC Telecom is also the only telecom infrastructure company in Vietnam that has a foreign strategic partner – TIME dotcom – the second largest telecom group in Malaysia.

In 2017, CMC Telecom was the first Vietnamese telecom corporate to launch a trans-Southeast Asia cable route and the first data center in Vietnam with the PCI DSS certification. This is a compulsory payment security certificate when providing services to finance and banking enterprises. As a leading provider of telecommunications services to businesses in Vietnam, more than 40% of the world’s leading names in the Top 100 Forbes in Vietnam are currently customers of CMC Telecom.

Also in 2017, CMC Telecom was named in the Top 5 telecoms enterprises contributing to Vietnam Internet development in the past decade (2007 – 2017).


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CMC Corporation launched "CMC-AI Contest" for students in the Northern area.

On December 28th, 2018 at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, CMC Technology organized the seminar of “Industrial Revolution 4.0: Opportunities and challenges for electronics & ITC industry”. Also in the seminar, CMC Corporation launched the CMC-AI Contest for students/Ph.D. students of Northern universities/research institutes.


CMC Corporation signs comprehensive cooperation agreement with the Government Cipher Committee

On December 24th, 2018 at CMC building, the signing ceremony of comprehensive cooperation agreement between CMC Technology and Government Cipher Committee was held. The objective of the agreement is to promote research cooperation in the field of information technology application and network security based on the strengths of CMC Corporation and  Government Cipher Committee.


CMC Corporation granted PCI DSS certificate to Viet Capital Bank

On December 18th, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, CMC Corporation held a ceremony to grant international certificate of payment card data security - PCI DSS to Viet Capital Bank. This certificate is granted  by CMC Information Security Joint Stock Company (CMC Infosec) in accordance with the world standard of Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council (PCI SSC), the whole project was consulted and supported by CMC Saigon System Integration Company Limited (CMC SISG).


Cloud ecosystem of CMC Telecom draws attention at Internet Day 2018

Joining Internet Day 2018 with the message "Best Cloud Service Provider in Vietnam", CMC Telecom introduced two products: Elastic Compute and Elastic GPU which are researched and developed by the company's staff. With that message, CMC Telecom's booth was designed as a stylized cloud and situated at the most noticeable position of the exhibition area.


CMC Infosec won VNISA's prize of Excellent New Information Security Product 2018 for CMC SOC

On the morning of November 30th, 2018, Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) held an international conference-exhibition for Vietnam Information Security Day 2018. At the event, VNISA announced and awarded the titles voted for information security products and services of 2018. CMC Information Security JSC (CMC Infosec) received all three awards: Information Security Product of High Quality, Prominent Information Security Service, and Excellent New Information Security Product 2018.