CMC will deploy the system initialization in bank loans Maritime Bank


Commercial Bank of Vietnam Maritime (Maritime Bank) and Co. Ltd. System Integration CMC Saigon (CMC SISG) has officially expanded cooperation through signing ceremony of contracts for the procurement and deployment system starts create loans at Commercial Bank of Vietnam Maritime.


System initialization loans (Loan Origination System – LOS) is a management solution processes Loan Origination service for the banking sector, dominated by banks can handle quickly and accurately the relevant documents to the loan application and reduce service delivery time to customers.

CMC is SISG domestic unit trust Maritime Bank was selected to coordinate directly with bidders participating in the process of implementing the solution Finacle Infosys LOS for Maritime Bank. Applied by many banks, this is the solution be assessed is to create a solid foundation for the credit operations, contributing to increased efficiency and quality of processing the loan.

Representatives CMC SISG, Tran Thi Phuong Hong, Vice President responsible for Sales, said: “System Initialization loans operate efficiently on the platform to manage business processes of Infosys will bring Maritime Bank a package solution, powerful, convenient application and high scalability. CMC SISG extremely honored to be selected Maritime Bank implemented this system. With professional capability and experience to solve many problems of technology to banks in Vietnam for over 20 years, along with Infosys, we completely trust and confidence in the success of the project. “
CMC SISG both partners will cooperate closely to implement the system with a uniform and optimal for the successful implementation of the goals set out.

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