CMCSoft: Empowering Enterprises with SAP ERP Implementation Support



CIO VendorNguyen Kim Cuong, CEO

The ERP implementation among SMEs in Vietnam is at a nascent stage and does not seem very promising when compared to other developing countries as most of the SMEs do not comprehend the significance of ERP and also lack sufficient resources for implementing ERP. “ERP is not an easy application and requires lots of factors to be successful like the awareness and determination of enterprise leaders,” says Nguyen Kim Cuong, CEO, CMCSoft. Vietnam-based CMCSoft helps addressing this problem by helping enterprises understand and visualize the benefits of having ERP as well as implementing ERP application customized to their needs.

Recognizing the fact that the number of skilled professionals in ERP in Vietnam is low, CMCSoft helps SMEs monitor, manage, and improve their operational efficiency. With over two decades of experience in providing and deploying software solutions for local enterprises and international clients, CMCSoft is a subsidiary of CMC Corporation and also, SAP’s advanced partner. The company provides SAP All In One (SAP A1) solutions for large enterprises and SAP Business One (SAP B1) solutions for SMEs. It helps enterprises understand the significance of ERP and provides them ERP applications bestsuited to their needs.

CMCSoft is one of two most acclaimed ICT companies in the country with a customer base consisting of 130 MNCs and Vietnamese companies including Honda, Diana, Shiseido, and AEON.

The company has been working with a multitude of sectors over the years including healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and retail. While in each of its associations, customer-centric approach remains a constant, it’s the customization of solutions that differentiates the company. “We customize our solutions depending on the needs of people. We analyze their current needs, their future demands and orientations, and based on the analysis, our team comes up with ERP solutions for customers in each sector,” says Cuong. CMCSoft undertakes the ERP implementations using its flagship product, Distribution Management System (DMS) bringing great business efficiency for enterprises. Built on the SAP platform, DMS caters to the needs of its customers from managing orders and sales policies to managing agents and marketing campaigns. The CMCSoft team has developed the ROI5 (Roll-Out) implementation methodology which helps the customers in keeping track of their progress while deploying the ERP solutions.

A client that has gained significantly with these capabilities of CMCSoft is Vietnam-based Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask company. For Rang Dong, the application of SAP B1 arises from real demand of enterprise to renovate and improve quality and productivity. Many other organizations in Vietnam have too attempted to implement the solution but have been unable to do that. Cuong is of the opinion that the reason behind these failures is the cooperation between enterprise and solution provider because SAP provides a solution, not just a software. CMCSoft understands this well and thus helped Rang Dong solve the management issue by getting all the processes onto the SAP system. CMCSoft has been helping Rang Dong gradually move towards a successful implementation.

The success rate of 100 percent in each ERP implementation process by CMCSoft is what makes it a preferred name among its clients. Speaking of the future, Cuong mentions, “We look forward to developing an add-on product like DMS. It will not only benefit our existing clients but will also add value to the SAP system.” In the coming years, CMCSoft will continue to strengthen its collaboration with the existing partners and will also prepare for partnering with new clients.


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