Top 10 Technology Trends for 2015


Below is a list of 10 technology trends of Gartner in 2015:
1. Computing everywhere.Scientific computing has started to change the way implement science, enabling scientific breakthroughs in many new experiments, which was impossible in a decade ago. According to Gartner, this only means accessible everywhere will more popular in the networks. Smart screen and connected devices will be extremely developed in various forms, sizes and interactive way.
Calculating has many forms: high-performance computing (HPC), high-throughput calculations (HTC), multitasking calculated (MTC), and calculate big data. Big data has generated the data increasing exponentially in both complexity and volume. This causes analysis, storage and sharing them become a one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Gartner warns that the traditional IT department will no longer fit to face the "anytime, anywhere" challenges and IT workforce need to gain more knowledge.

2. Internet of Things (IoT). Nowadays, more than 99% of the objects in the physical world is not integrated Internet. Human just connect what is unconnected in the next journey. Gartner advices managers to test, inspiration and empower to individuals in the IT organization to develop applications for connected devices and sensors.

Gartner believes that the IoT has tremendous potential, bringing more value to the enterprise, and even small sensors that can detect problems before equipment has a breakdown, save for business.

3. Printing 3D. The new tools and techniques of printing 3D has empowered people from global corporations to those who do it by their own to create new equipments and realization of new concepts faster, cheaper and easier than ever - from car parts, batteries, prosthesis, and computer chips to jewelry, clothing, and firearms. This technology debuted around since 1984, but now it become major and is growing. While 3D printing really attracts consumers, it actually has more value to the business.
A future where the function of knowledge can "printed in" the physical objects will continue to be developed in 2015, such as offices in 3D online.

4. Data Analysis (Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics) will be emphasized and strengthened. All applications are capable of analysis.
Will have more problems than just weight, acceleration and diversity, which makes Big Data become a challenging task. The technology has not caught up with demand for the training  scientists about data and the ability to develop user-friendly tools in the sectors such as financial companies, insurance, marketing, health care…

5. Context Rich System. Information about users, their location, what they've done in the past, hobbies, social relations, and many other attributes, all have become the input to the applications.

6. Intelligent Machines. Gartner agency gave examples of  Rio Tinto company, a worldwide mining company. They have used the self-propelled truck series, this shows the role of smart machines.
7. Cloud Computing and Client

 This emphasizes the central role of the cloud. One application is in the cloud, to serve all customers.
Mobile computing and cloud are converging to create a new platform has the potential to provide the unlimited computing resources. The mobile devices are bound by memory, processing power and battery duration. But it combinate with cloud computing, storage and data processing can occur outside of the mobile device. "The Third platform" will allow to synchronize data better, reliability and scale are improved. The integration is more easy, access anytime, from anywhere in the enterprise applications, collaboration services will enrich the user experience and the explosion of new services.

8. Application and infrastructure are identified by the software (Software Defined Applications and Infrastructure). Gartner said that IT will not be able to work with the program, defined components , it needs a dynamic infrastructure, more flexible.

9. IT Web-Scale. This is like applying a model used by the large cloud providers, including risk and arrangements, cooperation

10. Security.Gartner  specifically emphasis to the application of self-defense.
 Smartphone contains a lot of valuable information about the habits and your location. It can store the same data as the laptop or desktop but very weak on security measures.


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