Software Service

Software services

CMC has been involved in software research and development since 1996; and it is one of the few Vietnamese software enterprises that have researched and developed their own software products that bring a lot of values to their customers, also provided various software services in the country and aboard. Currently, CMC is recognized as the leading software company in Vietnam. The products researched and developed by...

System Integration

  • To maintain the position of the local leading system integration company and reach to theregion and world wide, especially in supply of integration solution and service;   
  • In addition to the strength of ’infrastructure integration” in general, to make intensive investment in the industry-oriented solution and service such as Solution-Service for Finance-bank; Solution-Service for Telecommunication sector;

Telecommunication - Internet

  • CMC aims at stable Development objectives, in which the benefit of enterprise, customers, and society are harmonized. Company will gradually contribute to the development of stable and powerful telecommunication infrastructure for Vietnam.
  • The objectives of market position: Company strives to occupy the top position in comprehensive ITC solution and integrated telecommunication service.
  • Top 5 in market...

Product & Trading

  • To maintain noticeable growth rate over other companies in the industry;
  • To take leading market share in products traded by Company;
  • To develop nationwide “Connected Distribution Channel” with synchronous service quality;