Telecommunication - Internet

Telecommunication - Internet

Telecommunication – Internet

In late 2007, CMC Telecom was established based on capability and 15-year experience of CMC Corporation in ICT sector and the world’s most advanced technologies in telecommunication with the mission: Comprehensive ICT and high-quality added value services “Advanced, Effectiveness, Saving”. In September 2008, CMC Telecom contributed capital in connection with SCIC to establish CMC TI to utilize available resources of both companies and to take advantage of potential businesses in Telecommunication – Internet Sector. March 2010 marked the event that CMC became a big shareholder of NetNam with 43.8% of holdings. With this strategy, CMC and NetNam set the objective to expand the market to 5-10 provinces/cities and become the leading Internet and solution supplier in Vietnam by 2012.

CMC Telecom clearly identifies the long-term development as Neutral Operator and Virtual Network Operator. This is the pioneering and sole model in the current telecommunication market in Vietnam. With this direction, CMC Telecom becomes the strategic partner of Vietnamese local telecommunication companies including VNPT, Viettel, EVN Telecom, etc. In addition, CMC TI takes advantage of the advanced technology GPON and the complete fiber cable infrastructure to create a far difference from other enterprises in the market. In the near future, CMC TI will become the local leading high quality telecommunication service provider for enterprises and households through local and international high-speed transmission services such as IPLC/DPLC, VPN/MPLS, Metro Ethernet – NGN.

CMC's Telecom members are: CMC Telecom, CMC TI and NetNam are focusing on rendering high-class telecommunication – Internet services to customers as organizations, enterprises, office buildings and residential areas:

  • One-connection ICT-Telecom infrastructure service: only using a high-speed connection, all of services such as GigaNet Internet, IP voice, IP Camera GigaCamera, data storage and management, IPTV, etc will be introduced to customers. This is an unique and outstanding service in Vietnam that only CMC can provide for customers .
  • Telecommunication infrastructure services: Internet leased line service, GigaWan domestic and international private leased line service, system managed service, One connection for IT and telecom meeting the strictest requirements in security, stability and high speed.
  • Data center services: Hosting, co-location site, Dedicated Server, VPS, DC connection, data storage, system management, back-up hosting, SaaS services, etc are provided by a system of modern data centers in accordance with international standards at the largest scale and highest security in Vietnam. CMC is a member of the Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA).
  • Added value services: Audio conferencing, Video Conferencing, VoIP, SMS/SMS Brand name, Virtual IP PBX/Virtual IPCC, IP Surveillance, Mobile Application, Mobile Content, e-business, online share and storage, master content, tele-marketing services, etc.
  • Managed services: In addition with telecommunication services, CMC Telecom is willing to provide management services as an integral value of the original services: Network Managed Services, Data Center Managed Services, Security Managed Services and IT Managed Services

Position in the market

  • It would be CMC’s strategic and essential business operation in the near future
  • It is the pioneer in the modern GPON technology and 100% optical cable infrastructure
  • It is the pioneer in applying Neutral Operator Mode, Virtual Network Operator, One-Stop-Shop service, EaaS - Everything as a Service
  • It is a leading company in data center with 04 internationally standard data centers.
  • After the first year of business, CMC TI is honored to receive the certificate of merit for excellent achievements in production and business emulation and development as set in 2010 by Ministry of Information and Communications.


  • To apply FTTx, a new generation of telecommunication technology
  • To build comprehensive capability in ITC sector with young and active business and technical staffs
  • To be partner of various big telecommunication companies including VNPT, Viettel, EVN Telecom, SPT, IP Com, Singtel, Juniper, Hutchingson, etc
  • To have a powerful financial capability with financial support from foundation members including SCIC and CMC Telecom, Bao Viet Group, Agribank, Geleximco; and significant assistance from CMC Corporation.
  • Quality management certificates including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Development objectives

  • CMC aims at stable Development objectives, in which the benefit of enterprise, customers, and society are harmonized. Company will gradually contribute to the development of stable and powerful telecommunication infrastructure for Vietnam.
  • The objectives of market position: Company strives to occupy the top position in comprehensive ITC solution and integrated telecommunication service.
  • Top 5 in market in terms of Value Added Service – VAS
  • Development of new high-quality services in parallel with communication services
  • Optical cable network coverage in all big cities nationwide




CMC Telecom
11th floor, CMC Tower, Duy Tan str, Cau Giay dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.
+84 4 3767 4688 or +84 4 710 90100
+84 4 3767 4686




  • Ho Chi Minh City Informatics Association
  • Top 500 fastest growing companies in Vietnam
  • The Second-class Labor Medal
  • ICT Gold Cup
  • Vietnam Gold Star Award (2003-2010)
  • Top 5 Vietnamese leading ICT companies(2002-2009)
  • Gold Medal for unit software and hardware Typical(2002-2010)
  • Sao Khue Awards (2003-2009)
  • The computer was associated with the national brands 2009-2010
  • 2012