Public services


Public services are software solutions that provide with services including business registration, branch/representative office establishment licensing and integrated into the Internet Portal. The Internet Portal is designed specifically for government agencies having demand of developing information systems on the web with the purpose of utilizing the Internet as an essential tool in their activities such as information provision, communication and operation management. The Internet Portal is a platform for developing new online service softwares or step-by-step integrated with next-generation applications related to specific activities, from which an "electronic agency" are supposed to be established with the functions of building online services through network, communicating with users, businesses and other agencies and organizations through this Portal.


 • Provision of public services:

-          Business registration

- Branch/Representative office establishment licenses

-          Construction permits

-          Construction practice certificates

-          Investment licenses

-  Certificates of registration of medical/pharmaceutical practice

-          Labor and employment

-          Driving licenses

-          Complaints and denunciations

-         Temporary residence and absence

-          Specific services

    • Integration into the Internet Portal

-          Platform features and services

-          Single Sign-On SSO;

-         Customize and personalize content and interface;

-          Full-text search;

-          User administration;

-          System management;

-         Supporting multiple information display environments;

-          Multi-system integration;

-          Extension;

-          Security capabilities;

-          Multilingual support;

-          Utility applications and services

 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

-         Weblinks

-          Feedback

-          Ad management

-          Activities photo gallery

-          Multimedia library

-          Access statistics

-          Weather information

-          Exchange rate information

-          Securities Information

-          Newsletter

-          Publishing RSS feeds

-          Website structure

-          Content management applications

 Information content administration and publication

-          Procedures and Instructions

-          Document system   

-         Document and electronic publication management

-         Address book of ATMs and transaction offices

-         Collaboration applications and online services

-          Online services (e-banking)

-          Online exchange and conversation

-          Online Q&A/consultation

-          Email

-          Discussion Forum

-          Chat online

-          Public opinion polls

-          Sending SMS

• Integrated OneGate system - an effective tool for people and leaders to oversee public services


The Internet Portal solutions are developed on the platforms of the most advanced and modern technologies, and are constantly updated to keep pace with the development of the world. With the development on Java Platform, Enterprise Edition and the integration with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the Internet Portal could operate independently on various operating system platforms, and be compatible with most types of current databases. This ensures that the customer is able to secure the initial investment, save costs and easily implement the development and expansion in the future.

The Internet Portal is also closely aligned with internationally recognized portal development specifications such as JSR 168, JSR 286, and WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets), along with other common standards and technologies including XML, RSS, AJAX, and security standards like SSL, RSA, MD5. With this capability, the Internet Portal could completely exchange and communicate securely with the portal systems such as IBM WebSphere Portal, Sun Portal, WebLogic Portal, Jboss Portal and other internal information systems of a bank easily and openly.


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